The Positive And Negative Aspects Of E-Business

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Internet is everywhere, it is a like global network which provide and has great potential in changing the business works today. With advent of new changes in internet there has been a great change in the way organization’s business models work these days. As internet provides a platform globally to be interconnect all the time, E-business has become a trend setter to big and small companies. Hence, internet connectivity is a vital aspect of business and especially for today’s e-business. There is always a two side for anything, one is the positive aspect and other is the negative aspect. The positive aspect being is, internet helps reach millions of end users through e-business, but it also brings in lots of risks and losses to business that one should be ready for. As so much of data or information available on the internet, it becomes imperative to keep a watch on harmful users online. Though organization develop Information systems for harmless end users, the same data or information is also available for harmful users/hackers. The hackers can get access in to organization data with below vulnerabilities.
• Software bugs
• Administration Gap
• Default Configurations
Above a few common vulnerabilities that hackers feed on. Different techniques are used for malicious users in-order to break in to organization’s system. Few common techniques which are used are sniffing unencrypted or clear text traffic, password cracking, disguise as company’s vendors, etc are used to

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