Positive And Negative Constraints Of Virtual Reality In The Academic Community

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The College of Computer Science is a diverse academic community where conversations surrounding research and innovation are endless. One of such conversations is virtual reality, which plays a major role in the discourse of my academic community. As one of the major research areas in this discourse community, people in this community are talking about different ways virtual reality can be implemented into classes or throughout campus. Virtual reality has both positive and negative constraints. One positive constraint is the abundance of virtual reality products that are created by a wide range of companies. In this academic discourse community, a positive constraint is everyone researching virtual reality can interact and use the technology for further research in the field. One negative constraint is that despite these welcomed innovations, virtual reality also poses some problems, one of them being how expensive the technology is to the average consumer. More specifically in this academic discourse community, another negative constraint is the technology can be dangerous if not handled properly by students or professors. Virtual reality is currently in early development but as it evolves it has the potential to be as great as the iPhone in sales. So, my question is, “Is virtual reality the next piece of technology to have a major impact on the world?”
Virtual reality is a new piece of technology where the user can experience a computer-generated world with the use of a

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