Positive And Negative Facets Of Shyness

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 You feel excessively uncomfortable and awkward in social situations, and thereby, you avoid attending them consistently.

 You are extremely self-conscious and presumptuous. You always have the thinking and feeling that everybody else around is watching you. Over time, you possess a chronic and an acute phobia that others are evaluating and judging you negatively.

 You are always examining— looking at your demeanors and behaviors even at their minutest details— before, during, and after an engagement of a social situation. You keep on worrying that what you will say or do might be something embarrassing.

 Your anxieties affect or interfere with your daily routine, work or career, social activities, or personal relationships. Common daily experiences that you may find it difficult to endure when having SAD include, for instance:

 Attending social gatherings or parties
 Dating
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However, there are also typically shy extroverts. These are privately shy people, yet, very outgoing in public and participate in engaging groups.

They exhibit the basic social skills, but at the same time, the social anxieties associated with shyness in certain situations, which are not their comfort zones or social events not in their control. These shy extroverts live with several of the similar symptoms associated to people with SAD, but only, to a lesser extent.

Advantageous Effects of Being Shy

Most of the shy extroverts learn adapting to their environments and behaving as appropriate as they can in a world dominated by more extrovert and outgoing types of people. If you are a shy extrovert, it can be easy for you to yield the limelight to others who just seem behaving better socially than you do. During these instances, it is helpful for you to consider a number of the advantages or benefits of being shy, especially when you are coping with tendencies of shyness or overcoming a social anxiety
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