Positive And Negative Impact On Child Development

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“It was nerve-wracking. I knew there were things I couldn’t do or say or else I’d be in moved again. You could be moved for the slightest on your part. That was always hanging over your head. You couldn’t really trust anybody” (Posnick, 2012). This is what many children are feeling when subjected to live under foster care. Today’s children living in foster are forced to comply and accept changes made by adults, that decide for their wellbeing. Becoming resilient to life circumstances, in an attempt to find someone that will care for them when abandoned or left to fight for themselves. This paper will discuss foster families as a cultural dilemma, the positive and negative impact on child development, and strategizing ways to help empower…show more content…
In order to promote healthy development, children need to feel the stability of a family. Family stability is the structure component, but it is also the bond they create with a child, the consistency and the love they demonstrate to a child that is not biologically theirs. Attachments at infancy, gives children the comfort and security to explore their own environment and grow developmentally in all domains. Other positive outcomes, having family stability in foster care are in health, academic, and social emotional. According to Harden( ) “consistent and positive relationships with their parents are more likely to have positive health behavior and lower levels of illness…perform better academically… and less likely to drop out of school... reared in stable relationships are more likely to have positive relationships with peers and more prosocial skills”. Families play an important role in their education and their upbringing, children who are taken out of the system at a younger age have a higher possibility of developing warm relationships, and surviving all odds. Unfortunately, many foster children are affected by their past experiences and grow up with more negative outcomes than positive.
Children grow up vulnerable to life circumstances, having to become resilient at a young age
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