Positive And Negative Impact On Social Media

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Over the years social media and internet, itself has taken a huge impact on everybody’s lives, especially the younger generations. It has been said to “take over” an individual’s life. Social media can have positive and negative impacts on people. The parents of the younger generation never had any kind of Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc. Now, by the time a child is 3 they already know how to use technology such as a phone or iPad. Technology itself has majorly changed this generation in so many ways. One of the ways that social media has impacted us today is the usage of easy communication. With school students can communicate with teachers outside of school easier. This has good and bad advantages to communicating while not being face to face. With teachers it is one of the best possible things to have so they can provide help off campus. When it comes to Facebook and other social media that is open to the whole world that’s another story. There have been so many accidents where younger people will allow a stranger that they’ve never seen or talked to enter their social media life. This has caused many abductions and rapes all over the world that many don’t even know about. Nonsocial individuals can communicate with people which allows them to express themselves, but not have face to face contact. Along with the social part, it causes people to become antisocial because they can hide behind the screen on their phone. One major problem with social media is

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