Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Media On Society

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There are various ways in which a positive social nudge can be initiated to help individuals experiencing this issue. Although a social nudge is what is influencing the deviant behavior, it can also be reconstructed in a way that decreases deviant behavior. According to Thaler and Sunstein, social pressures nudge people to accept some pretty odd conclusions (2009). Although the goal is not to get people to accept an odd conclusion, knowing that social pressures have that much effect on an individual if they are creative enough is vita; in the reconstruction process. Furthermore, it would be societies place to nudge deviant people to believe that their friends are bad and they should not hang out with them. This can be done in various ways, …show more content…

However, there may be other more subtle nudges that could help permute positive behavior and separation from deviant peers.
As previously mentioned, conformity is an easy nudge to influence one’s behavior. Given the issue at hand conformity is already being nudged in a positive way, so all that one would need to do is turn around the pressure of conformity into a positive way. This could be done by promoting positive and non-deviant acts throughout society and pressuring those deviant individuals to stop being deviant in a safe and ethical way. For instance, if an individual gets into trouble due to their deviant friends, the courts, officers, etc., can encourage these individuals to step away from their deviant friends and recommend groups of new peers that are not deviant. For instance, if the individual is spiritual they could recommend a church group for the individual to join. By joining new group, such as the one mentioned in the example given, they will be more likely to conform to those new, un-deviant peers and do what they are doing. Thus, by doing this an individual is being nudged to make positive decisions. As far as ethical concerns go for this recommended revised nudge, there are little to none. The only ethical concern that could be potential is it being force to conform rather than pressure. There is a very fine line between these two elements. Therefore, this would have to be a careful nudge to

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