Positive Aspects Of Aging

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When it comes to aging, there are some positive aspects and negative aspects. The negative aspect of aging that I would want to avoid is having fragile bones, brittle hair and skin, and possible memory loss. The older a person gets the more their body tends to wear out and it becomes difficult to do activities because their body is not how it used to be. I would not want my bones to act and I wouldn’t want a hunch back either. I feel like my life would be miserable if my skeletal system was in pain most of the time. Next, when an individual becomes older, their skin and hair becomes brittle and them being old, they cannot maintain it. My skin is already sensitive, so I can only imagine how it be when I get older. Seniors skin tend to look loose and gets very delicate. The older you get, skin tears more often than usually. To add, my hair is very important to me and I spend so much time on it. I know growing old can cause your hair to be fragile. Furthermore, memory loss is suffered from a lot of seniors and …show more content…

The older one gets, the wiser they become. Also, when people get old, they are motivated about life and they are happy when they are surrounded by loved ones. Now once it comes to living longer, people can enjoy those positive aspects of being old age for a long time. I believe extended life can be a good thing because people can spend time with their loved ones a lot longer, people are able to accomplish more goals, and they can become accustom to the new generations life changes or influence them. There are those that passed away that left a trademark on this earth and if they were alive still they would continue with their amazing talents. It would be great if we can extend like indefinitely, just imagine the people that were so dear to your hearts never pass away. Yet, there are some consequence that are available because of extended life such as an increase in population and a high demand for senior care

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