Positive Behaviour Support

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Positive Behaviour Support Policies and Procedures of the Work Setting There are many different policies and procedures that schools have to abide by some of these are; Behaviour policy- The behaviour policy goes over topics like how to treat others, how you should act in the premises, how you should talk to others and how you should do something when you have been told to do it etc. The policy also goes over rules and consequence’s if the rules are not followed. It goes over how they use positive behaviour support when a child has done well. It explains responsibilities, the curriculum, the values and how rules are reinforced to the children. Bullying policy- In all schools they now have a 0% tolerance on bullying, the policy goes over …show more content…

If messages are not clear to them or if they are conflicting and contradictive they are going to get confused and maybe frustrated and will then find it hard to behave. If children are met with the same response every time they do something wrong they will be less likely to repeat at a later day. All rules and boundaries should be suitable for their age and stage of development and all language used should be clear and make sense not to confuse the children. You must

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