Positive Effect Of Disobedience

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As we set out in the world for the first time, it is clear that the world around us is flawed. Most of us are shielded during our childhood in order to protect our innocence, but as we go out into the real world we need to understand that people defy the rules of society. There is a large difference between disobeying the laws that every citizen must abide by and standing up to a cause that we believe in. Disobedience is important to the progression of the world around us, but there are different types of disobedience. There is disobedience that has a positive effect, such as people peacefully protesting for what they believe in and fighting for a change. There is also disobedience that has a negative effect, such as people breaking the …show more content…

For example, the Milgram Experiment was a psychological experiment that tested subjects by telling them to administer shocks to someone if the answered a question wrong. The voltage increased with every wrong answer, and some subjects stopped when they heard screams and some did not. Some did not stop because they were told to continue, and were relieved of any responsibility for the other person. The findings of this experiment got people talking about obedience and why we would put following orders before the safety of others. Another example is pro athletes kneeling during the National Anthem. This has started a conversation over the last year about disrespect towards to the flag and the actual cause players are advocating for. It is getting people to think about the rights that we have and those who fought for us to have those rights. It has also started a discussion about the real cause of the protests– racism and police brutality. Lastly, protests for legalizing gay marriage are the reason that it is legal across the United States. The government took action because people were refusing to accept that gay marriage shouldn’t be legal. Things will not change until the conversation is started. Disobeying authority is often viewed as a very negative thing, however, it is often the catalyst for social change. In our younger years we are always told that we need to respect the rules and laws set by those older than us. Although this is still true

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