Positive Effects Of Attitude

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Effects of Attitude
Distance, time, money, tiredness and several other things in life are just a question of one’s attitude. Context and situations decide the attitude.
If a person has to travel say 15 to 20 miles per day to his workplace, he will definitely be cribbing. On the other hand, if the remuneration is going to be hefty he will not mind travelling the same distance. The distance has not changed, but his attitude towards remuneration makes this passable.
One often complains that he does not have time for even the small things in life. Just an introspection shall reveal that it is an excuse one gives to oneself. A person who does not have time for a courtesy call to a related person will definitely be able to squeeze in time to spend time with his friend in spite of any tight schedule. After a whole day of work, spending hours at the gym seem alright, but helping out your mother or spouse at home may seem a burden or vice versa. Or else if a friend calls for an outing will freak out forgetting both the above. It is
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On the contrary they do not mind giving generous ‘Tips’ in fancy restaurants because of attitude.
Perceptions of Attitude are more important and can change during periods of Natural disasters. During a recent flood havoc in a major city in India, the people’s attitude was so positive that they were able to render all assistance to those affected without any inhibitions of class, creed, rich, poor, etc.
People may throw stones at your path. It is your attitude with which you face the hurdle, that will lead to ‘a wall or a bridge’. Remember your attitude is the architect of your life.
Success requires more than talent. While talent and knowledge are essential, the key that unlocks them both is your state of mind. Being positive makes you more dependable. When you are positive you will find that you instinctively respect others, and are therefore more considerate.
Developing Positive
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