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Introduction Think for a moment, when was last time media used their 30-minute broadcast time to bring the Americans positive uplifting news? Surprisingly, you did not miss the special broadcast because they have not. Just as with each individual there is way too much negativity occurring in our daily live and around us, we are being consumed with negativity. People are so lost in negativity and distractions, many never greet another coworker or even provide a simple thank you when someone holds the door open for them. Additionally, individuals appear to be more about themselves and the things that make them happy. Whether it is in a social environment or work environment, people’s emotions and demeanor can affect everyone else and…show more content…
Just as the common cold spreads throughout the office, so can positive intelligence; by starting with one’s self, and think positive, speak positive, and act positive can lead to others becoming happy. Leading by example is the best and fastest way to make changes in those we have influence over and greet everyone when you come in contact with them and remember to say thank you more often.
Importance of Positive Intelligence When defining positive intelligence, we are looking at the individual’s competence, knowledge, and understanding. Now, there needs to be a balance, just as with anything, too much can be dangerous. Those who display positive intelligence and do not confuse with narcissism have a positive influence on others and are able to achieve more than those who display negativity. Those who are cheerful, outgoing, and knowledgeable in their job and overall well rounded is the person everyone likes
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One simple and easy way, which does not cost, is to express gratitude to the employees for the work they do. An employee’s attitude toward a superior, and the organization is evident in their work. Most people are not looking for bonuses in their checks, or a promotion; however, they people do deserve recognition. A simple thank you, or pay a compliment to a person, or even some small kind of gesture to remind them management does notice their hard work and is grateful. Another is through networking events where everyone can get together for maybe 30 minutes a week or even a monthly luncheon. This allow everyone to decompress and share their experiences or knowledge with other coworkers and offer to help out one another. Ultimately, Cote & Miners (2006) remind us to be genuine with our emotional intelligence and by doing so will open up better communication with others, than those who are deceiving and want to make others think they
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