Positive Effects Of Irrationality

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How do you feel when you hear that you're an irrational customer? Maybe, you might feel angry and irritated for being a irrational customer as many people think the 'irrationality' is the worst and most unnecessary human failure that leads only negative results forever. However, this view toward irrationality has to be changed. Even though there are negative results of irrationality, there are lots of positive effects of it. Of course, as the irrational consumption is not intended, it can make you use more money, but, at the same time, it can increase the whole consumption over the country, which is really necessary and important for an economic growth. Then why is increasing the whole consumption important? It’s because, in the economy, the whole consumption is almost same with the overall demand, and as you know, it makes more industries and markets - in economical terms, more …show more content…

As I have already showed how irrational these cases are, from now on, I'd like to show you that it's unquestionable that human irrationality really helps our stagnant economy to go on. You might remember my statement that the increase of consumption does increase the supply and lead to the end of depression. Does this really happen? Of course! In these days, many people love to pull out the dolls from the claw machine. And in fact, the immediate urge to play the claw machine makes them do so even though buying the doll in the shop is more rational. This is why playing claw machine is irrational. And, according to KBS news, this irrational behavior has increased the demand for doll 30% since last autumn. In other words, suppliers of claw machine have bought the dolls in order to increase their supply. And this means that the human irrationality has thrived the claw machine industry and doll industry, even if the whole markets are in the economic

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