Positive Types Of Year-Round School

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Year-round schools are becoming very popular in today’s society. Many schools have changed their school year to year-round and still have the same 180 days that the traditional schools have. The schools that changed from the traditional school year to the year-round school have found many positive things about this type of school year. The old way of schools being out in the summer is a thing of the past. The traditional way was originally set up many years ago so the kids could help out on the farm (Anthony). The year-round school year could really help students learn better. There are two types of schools that are year-round. The first is single-track, this means that everyone in the school goes at the same time. The other type is multi-track, this means that when certain students are there the other students are on a break and they switch out. This is a more cost-effective route because schools can have more students attending. It will cost less for them to have more students because they won’t all be there at the same time ("Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education"). Therefore, schools don’t have the need for more classrooms because the teachers can share the same rooms as the teachers on break (Zubrzycki). Students and teachers could really benefit from school being year-round. Many students over summer break forget most of the information they learned the previous year. With the year-round school the students would only have short breaks, so they are less likely

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