Positive and Negative Impacts on the Growth of Events Industry

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Discussing the positive and negative impacts on the growth of events
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(Ben Janeczko, Trevor Mules and Brent Ritchie, 2002, Estimating the Economic Impacts of Festivals and events: a research guide, p 7)

More opportunity of jobs will cause seasonal, part-time and unskilled difficulties of employment. People could not accept the higher price of goods and service caused by the developing of events industry.

If a region spend too much time and expenditure on developing events industry, it will create a unbalanced development, it will displace some traditional business and make some other basic industries' growth rate declined, the growth rate of events industry will decrease because it could not develop without enough supports from other basic and traditional industries.

Social impacts

A big event can always bring a lot of benefits to the society of the host city, holding an event means there will be more opportunities of jobs for the citizens in the city and it will increase employment.

The events industry will induce a development of investments in a city, In 3

Beijing Olympic Games 2008, China invested nearly $40 billion in infrastructure alone from 2002 to 2006 to achieve the supporting for the big event, this development also includes refurbishment of 25 historic areas such as city's landmarks, old streets and four corner residences that date from the imperial period, many Beijing's historic places had been restored including Forbidden City.
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