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Dec 3 Exam 3 Sample Questions Possible Exam 3 Questions True or false: 1. Due to insurance arrangements and the securitization of mortgage investments, many U.S. bankers did not adequately gauge the risks of subprime loans. TRUE 2. A commonly accepted theory is that the Subprime lending crisis was due the Government placing more restrictions and regulations on the investment banking industry starting in 1999. FALSE 3. For the most part, the credit ratings granted to mortgage-backed securities did not accurately reflect the true risk of the securities. TRUE 4. In hindsight, most observers agree that Enron’s problems were caused by a failure of the board of directors to exercise adequate oversight. TRUE…show more content…
21. What rescue passed after subprime lending crisis proved not to be enough along to be sufficient to confidence and relieve the liquidity crisis? a. Consumer Protection Act b. SOX Act c. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform d. Troubled Asset Relief Plan 23. This new initiative creates a watch dog to ensure accurate information need to for mortgages, credit cards, and other financial products, and protect consumers from hidden fees, abusive terms, and deceptive practices? a. Advance Warning Systems b. Protects Investors c. Consumer Protections with Authority and Independence d. None of above 24. Based on different decision made concerning subprime lending how did this fiasco develop? a. Less than a year times b. Over night c. In a couple of years d. Gradually ??? 25. True or False: The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act led to new initiatives such as consumer protection with authority and independence, the ending of the “too big to fail” bailouts, the creation of advanced warning systems, and the elimination of transparency for exotic instruments leading to more accountability. 26. True or False: As the subprime mortgage meltdown escalated, financial institutions were required to record less and less losses on their income statement as they wrote down the value of their mortgage-backed derivative

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