Potential Consequences of Stricter Gun Laws Essay

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There was a Harvard study that discovered “Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not”. This helps support why the U.S does not need stricter gun laws. Three consequences that would come from stricter gun laws are that they would increase violent crimes, impede the 2nd amendment rights, and we are also not enforcing the laws that we already have in effect. The violent crimes would increase with less legal firearms because less people would be able to defend themselves. A perfect example of people not being able to protect themselves is Chicago. In 2012 Chicago ended the year with 500 murders which are more than any other city in the United Sates and surprisingly this …show more content…

Plus if there is a mass killing the perpetrator could carry more than one gun and/or magazines, it only takes about a second to change an empty magazine for a full magazine so the limiting the number of bullets allowed in the magazine is useless because he could be using magazines he purchased before the ban was put in effect. Another thing is that the aurora movie theater shooting was in a “gun free” zone, so in consequence there was no person with a concealed carry weapon The killer walked in the theater with a shotgun and a pistol he killed 12 and wounded 70. If that theater had not been a gun free zone the killer may have not even attempted to go in the building with his plan to murder those innocent people, because of the possibility of facing opposition and being killed. But even if he had decided to go into the theater to cause harm and death, what he would have possibly found in the building would have been armed people in that theater. This may have incapacitated the killer before he could kill and wound so many innocent people both physically and mentally. I personally don’t think we need stricter gun laws mostly because stricter gun laws help increase violent crimes because people can’t protect themselves, we can’t enforce the laws already in effect, they also would impede the citizens 2nd amendment rights. Another thing is just because it’s made a law doesn’t mean people are

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