Potential Cost Benefits for Treating Overweight or Obese Individuals

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being overweight or obese is costing business’ more money than expected. Practice Field - Health Care As weight related health issues rises in Australia so does the cost to continue to provide and sustain accessible health care and government subsidies to effectively deal with the compounding comorbid health issues. A challenge for the health care system is relieving the impact felt by health care system, with the increase in weight-related illness and costs this will become more difficult. The total estimated cost resulting from being overweight or obese in 2008, was $58.2 billion, the Federal Government covered 34.3% of these health care costs resulting from weight-related medical expenses, the State Government covered 5.1%, the rest was covered by individuals (29.4%), family and friends (19.2%) and society (11.8%) (Access Economics, 2008), this cost increases as the trend increases and will soon be difficult to sustain. Individuals who are overweight or obese have been linked to longer hospital stays, an increase in medical treatments, are more likely to be transferred between hospitals and to die from complications (Hauck & Hollingworth, 2008). Longer hospital stays and an increase in being treated medically place an increased cost on the health system to treat these individuals. If an individual loses weight the average medical costs is shown to decreases as well (Colagiuri et al., 2010), showing potential cost benefits for treating overweight or obese

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