Potential Employees With Diverse Lifestyles Into The Workforce Essay

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“Many managers and scholars agree that diversity is a positive factor that leads to competitive economic advantage for organizations” (Von Bergen, Soper, & Parnell, 2005, p. 1). With this in mind, this module two case assignment will be composed of a study which articulates the importance of incorporating potential employees with diverse lifestyles into the workforce. In addition to, conversing about strategies for selecting and recruiting a distinct group of potential employees with differing lifestyles in the workforce. Additionally, this paper will distinguish different methods that could be exploited upon for retaining individuals with differing lifestyles in the workforce. This study will also elaborate upon training that could be provided regarding this topic of interest. Lastly, this paper will culminate with a discussion concerning the notion of needing to “treat all employees equally.” In view of this, let us launch this paper by deliberating over the significance of incorporating individuals with varying lifestyles into the workforce from a human resource (HR) professional perspective to include a discussion concerning methods for selecting and recruiting such individuals. Importance It is important for HR professionals along with organizational management to appreciate the growth of diversity within in today’s society. Thus, by diversifying organizational demographics an organization avails itself to a wide range of endless possibilities by embracing

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