Potential Risks And Potential Risk

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Potential risk can be described as being unexpected. Sometime students don’t know what to do, they may stuck in the middle of activities and cannot go further move on. Wasting time is a discomfort for many staff and students. In the above picture the boy standing in the corner without doing nothing leads to potential risk. The time needed to be participate should always be identified. The losing his confidence of doing the activities also steps to the potential risk. In the second picture some students are moving further away, some are enjoying on other hand there is a possibility for the particular two children may be stuck under the tree. There is a chance for physical risk which is also a potential risk. A girl holding a snail in her palms which could cause illness and may spread in school. A boy hiding under the tree may get lost in attention is proceeding to be lacking. These are some of potential risk may happened depending upon the staff and children attention and care. There are different types of source of guidance for planning healthy and safety environments in and outside of work place. The Health and Safety Executive, Work place policy and procedure, Fire and Accident policy “The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the national independent watchdog for a work-related health, safety and illness” (https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/health-and-safety-executive) it’s a public interest which help to reduce a death during
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