Potential Risks And Potential Risk

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Potential risk can be described as being unexpected. Sometime students don’t know what to do, they may stuck in the middle of activities and cannot go further move on. Wasting time is a discomfort for many staff and students. In the above picture the boy standing in the corner without doing nothing leads to potential risk. The time needed to be participate should always be identified. The losing his confidence of doing the activities also steps to the potential risk.
In the second picture some students are moving further away, some are enjoying on other hand there is a possibility for the particular two children may be stuck under the tree. There is a chance for physical risk which is also a potential risk. A …show more content…

It’s important to providing the information to the employee in the work place about the risks and how to manage and how they are protected;
Work place policy and procedure these policy explain how the organisation takes the responsibility of health and safety procedure and they take a responsibility of ant accident that happens in their organisation. They prepare their own statement which include “risk assessments, fire safety, first aid, accident reporting, electrical safety, work equipment, hazardous substances, manual handling and other workplace issues”( -Health-and-Safety/health-safety-policy) and it must be bring to the attention of all employee.

They teach the children about health and safety policy in order to have a good understanding and adopt them with the skills, knowledge and also enable them to lead a positive, successful bright future. Teachers take each and every opportunity to educate the children in every aspect which in regards of the normal school curriculum and activities. For example, if we consider geography curriculum of Key Stage 1 the unit, ‘People who help us’ like the police and fire service. Through this topic the teacher teach children about nature of fire also about the danger of fire, and how to avoid accidents when dealings with fire. When they learn science curriculum they teach children about the usage of hazardous materials, and how to handle these equipment

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