Poverty Essay

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When people start to think about poverty their thoughts instantly go towards a basic understanding of its definition. Most think of it as households with less than half of adjusted median disposable income throughout the nation. People don’t understand or think about the other factors that play a role in poverty such as: living conditions, gas & rent money, safety, disconnection from society, and many others. Poverty has changed drastically over the years not only from the monetary value of it, but also the social aspect it holds. I think that things have changed when it comes to poverty; from the way people talk and think about it to the way people actually live it. One of the problems people in poverty face is whether or not they …show more content…

I think that the new faces of Poverty include those who are statistically above the poverty threshold, but lack the necessities and support from the government. The Poverty threshold is based on a yearly food plan. Statistically those above the threshold (by a few thousand dollars) aren’t able to receive help that may be necessary for them to live a healthy lifestyle. They may be able to get food and a roof over their head, but their emotional and living conditions are lacking severely. Those who meet that problem, I think, are the ones who are the new faces of poverty. I personally don’t think I am a new face of poverty. I am seeking a higher education at an opportunity cost of a trade school to set myself up for my future. All while maintaining a lifestyle above those labeled “poor”. I think that the system that is currently used to factor those poor and not is to blame. I said early that the poverty threshold is established year to year based on a food plan. This threshold is used to determine the poverty guideline which determines eligibility for poverty programs. The programs used I think are extremely helpful; however the guideline used to determine is not. This is where I think there is a solution to this problem. I think that if the government was to change the way the guideline is determined the system would be more effective. It may help provide food and other necessities, but doesn’t represent those that aren’t getting enough gas

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