Poverty Line Essay

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One-fifth of United states population is in the poor or working class, this translates to over 60 million people, (Henslin, 2017, pg.263). These people are all classified as poor. Education is a big factor of poverty and is a beneficial aspect to the future of individual people and their families lives. Barack Obama even promoted education by saying "The best anti-poverty program is a world-class education", (Barack Obama, 2010). Low education is an aspect of poverty because it can make it difficult to get a job, leads to a loop of poverty in your family, and poor housing. For someone to technically be in poverty, they must fall under the poverty line. The poverty line is a line that U.S government draws to determine who is in poverty. This measure was determined in the 1960’s when poor people were thought to spend one-third of their income on food. Each year the government calculates a low-cost food budget and multiplies it by three. Then the families who incomes are below this amount are classified as poor, (Henslin, 2017, Pg. 283).
Although, we have created a poverty line, which is supposed to enable us to distinguish who we should help. Now days the line is grossly inadequate. Poor people only spend 1/5 of their income on food. Which means we should multiply their food budget by 5. Doing this would make the poverty line higher, enabling more people to be below the poverty line, allowing for more people to get public assistance. Another concept that makes the poverty

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