Power And Infidelity By John F. Kennedy

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Power and Infidelity Some people tend to allow power to make them feel superior. According to Dr. Gary Lewandowski, chair of the Psychology Department at a University states that research indicated that people in power do tend to engage in infidelity. Sociology Professor Alan Foster also stated that once power is achieved, it’s taken as a right that you can do whatever it is you want to do-usually with those in a more subordinate position and those close to you”. Scandals such as this have hit the White House numerous times. Some of our own presidents have been accused of using their power in office to obtain personal sexual desires. Presidents such as John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Gary Hart, and Bill Clinton have all had their share of infidelity scandals. Leaving me to think that sexual affairs have always been part of the presidency. The media takes their mistakes and uses it to scrutinize every aspect of the president’s personal life, making it difficult for them to keep their marriage together. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States. He was educated in a local school until the age of 17 when he attended the college of William and May to study law. He played a key role as president in the establishment of the United States. He paid off revolutionary debts and expanded the country with the inclusion of the expansive Louisiana Purchase. Even though he did an extra-ordinary job in office, his personal life was publicized for

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