Power Rivalry Between Power And Power

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The role that power plays in conflict can be both constructive and destructive. Power differences shape the structure and dynamic of relationships. Imbalances and misuse of power,generates conflict and make it more difficult to resolve . People are suppose to resolve, or at least manage their conflicts in a civilized and rational manner by talking and negotiating their way through it. However, we all know how irrational and 'uncivilized ' people can become when they are in conflict, especially when it 's over something that is of importance to them. Conflicts can easily escalate and become power contests ( also called power struggles), or perhaps they were powers contests from the start and they just didn 't realize it, admit it, or maybe even hid it for the sake of appearances or as a tactile maneuver they can use to their advantage. Which ever it may be, there seems to be a turning point in most conflicts that one or both sides become aware of differences or attempts to influence the other, and it turns into a power contest. This usually happens when there is lack of consciousness around power and its use, or a lack of awareness, desire and skill in using alternatives to power contest. Research shows that a large number of children 's behavioral problems stem from not yet leaning how to solve problems effectively. In one of those “a-ha” moments came the realization that, when it comes right down to it, there are 5 basic life skills a child needs
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