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Researches involving the use of association between legumes and PGPBs (Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria) in heavy metals phytoremediation process were mainly performed for soils highly contaminated. However, even in agriculture soils, with moderate or low contamination levels, plants can accumulate high rates of heavy metals. So, food chain contamination by these metals presents a real thread to animal and human health.
This work aimed to evaluate the use of two legumes/PGPBs symbiosis; Vicia faba minor and Sulla coronaria, inoculated with specific heavy metals resistant inocula, in a crop rotation system with Lactuca sativa L. as a following crop, in order to assess their effects on soil fertility, lettuce yield and heavy metals content. …show more content…

2015). Yet, agricultural soils are moderately contaminated by heavy metals due to a long-term of phosphoric fertilizers use, sewage sludge application, dust from smelters, industrial waste and unsuitable watering practices (Yadav 2010). Soil contamination is mainly located in areas of large industrial activities, where surrounding agricultural areas are affected by atmospheric deposition of heavy metals (Puschenreiter et al. 2005). In these areas, agriculture faces a major problem due to heavy metal transfer into crops and subsequently into the food chain (Puschenreiter et al. 2005). The main problem is that heavy metals are non-biodegradable, and their excessive accumulation in agricultural soils could pose a risk to public health (Liu et al. 2012). Thereby, people pay increased attention to food safety because of increasing environmental contamination (Yu et al. 2014). The major route by which humans are exposed to these contaminants is through the soil-crop-food pathway (Liu et al. 2012). Crops growing on contaminated sites can take up and accumulate these metals, causing health problems when consumed by humans and animals (Fu et al., 2008). Therefore, the prolonged consumption of unsafe concentrations of heavy metals may lead to the disruption of numerous biological and biochemical processes in the human body (Balkhair and Ashraf 2015). Furthermore, heavy metals

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