Ppe Case Study

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This memo/email is to confirm our conversation of today’s date regarding the appropriate use of PPE in regards to our isolation masks. It was reported today by our infection control nurse BarbaraRuber that she has counseled you on many occasion in regards to wearing our PPE isolation mask outside of our patient care rooms. I have shared the expectations with you about correcting these issues going forward in your role as a respiratory therapist in our respiratory department. Specifically: • The occurrence that happened today November 16, 2016 is Bar Ruber stated specifically this morning around 8:00am she counseled you once again on not wearing your isolation mask outside of your patient’s room. As I rounded this morning around 930 I as well witnessed you wearing your PPE mask outside of a patient’s room around your chin. •…show more content…
Going forward, the expectations of you in your role are to: • All PPE should be worn only during patient care while in the patient’s room. Once you leave the patients area or room you should disposed of all pieces in the trash. Thank you for your commitment to improving and addressing these issues. It is important that all associates are working in a manner that meets the organizational objectives to be in compliance with our policies and
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