Vegetable Gardening Is Increasingly Popular For Tennessee Residents

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Vegetable gardening is increasingly popular for Tennessee residents. The value of home gardens includes financial and nutritional benefits from growing of fresh vegetables. Gardening activities also enhance personal health and well-being. However, a basic understanding of soils, site selection, and crop maintenance is required before a gardener can take full advantage of the benefits of home vegetable production. To meet these needs, this series of factsheets has been prepared by UT Extension to inform home gardeners and propel them to success in residential vegetable production.
The many functions of soil
Soil is an amazing combination of minerals, water, air, organic matter and living organisms. It can provide the physical support for plants as well as provide access to water, air, and nutrients that are necessary for plant survival, growth, and productivity. Much of our success in home vegetable production depends on the proper selection of sites and soil and management of soil nutrients. Those topics are covered in W 346-A- The Tennessee vegetable garden: Site selection and soil testing and W-346-C- The Tennessee vegetable garden: Managing plant nutrition. This factsheet is designed to build upon that information with more in-depth discussions on managing the quality of garden soil.
Soil management for quality and productivity in the home garden
Stewardship is used here to refer to the ability to meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability to provide

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