Pragmatics Literature Review

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Pragmatics is communication in social interactions for example taking turns, maintaining topic, appropriate interruptions, eye contact, and maintaining appropriate physical proximity (Prutting & Kirchner, 1987). Deficits in pragmatic competency are common in individuals with psychopathology such as autism spectrum disorder, language and/or reading disorders (LD/RD), and even attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). Although there have been a large number of studies looking at the relationship between LD/RD to ADHD (e.g. Tannock & Brown, 2009; Smith & Adams, 2006) no studies, through my literature review, have directly compared pragmatic skills through comparing a rehearsal task, story telling, and a questionnaire in a LD/RD group versus comorbid LD/RD and ADHD group. I will therefore look at participant’s pragmatic performance on three narrative tasks, including a narrative rehearsal, and a parental questionnaire.
The following review of literature will first focus on providing background into the role and importance of pragmatics. It will then explain how coherence, complexity, and fluency skills are linked to pragmatic competency. The introduction section will also explain features and general pragmatic competencies of individuals with only LD/RD and those with comorbid ADHD. An analysis of how narratives can be used to assess pragmatic competency in those with and without mental health disorders will be examined. Finally, consideration of some of the

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