Pre And Post Assessment Tools And Plan For Instruction

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Pre and Post Assessment Tools and Plan for Instruction
Section 1
Pre and Post Assessment:

After reviewing the assessment data recorded in Project A, I created learning goals to aid my students. Only 38% of the entire class was able to answer at least two of the three questions that required them to decode unknown words. Therefore, one of my objectives focuses on using known words to decipher unfamiliar words in a sentence. This goal correlates with the Georgia Standard of Excellence: ELAGSE5RI4 (Georgia Department of Education, 2015). My pre-assessment consists of an article taken from ReadWorks (2015) on Abraham Lincoln. Section three of the pre-assessment demands the students to read a group of sentences and determine the most accurate definition of the bolded word. By accomplishing this goal, the students will be able to read more fluently, and better comprehend what they are reading. The second learning goal is: students will pinpoint the main idea of the passage. This goal aligns with the Georgia Standard of Excellence: ELAGSE5RI2 (Georgia Department of Education, 2015). While examining the reading comprehension quizzes, only half of the students were able to complete this task. Question 4 of the pre-assessment requires the students to find the main idea of the passage: “U.S. Presidents- Abraham Lincoln”. This skill will allow students to recognize the purpose for reading the passage, and aid the students in their reading comprehension.
Finally, the third
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