Pre Assessment Of Student Interest

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Pre-Assessment of Student Interest: To assess student interest in planning a school dance, I would use a bubble map. I would ask the students “Have they ever attended a school dance? “ Then I would ask “If you have attend a school dance write down what you liked about the dance. If you haven’t attend a school dance write down what you think you might like to have at a school dance.” Example of bubble map: Students may add more off shoots bubbles if they need to. My PBLBubble Map.docx

As students complete their bubble maps, I would ask them to come up to one of the six poster papers hanging on the wall, and write one or two of their “likes” that they had written down. Once all students had a chance to write down a “like” on one of the poster papers, the class as a whole would compare the six list and discuss what they had in common and uncommon with their classmates as far as what they would like to have at a school dance.
Project Hook: The day that I am pre-assessing student interest, with the bubble map and the poster papers, the classroom will be decorated with balloons, decorations, and streamers. I will call the principal to my class and she will unveil the project by explain what services she is requesting for the school dance by the party planning company. The company winning the bid will provide a demonstration dance for the class.
Driving Questions: How can you plan and budget for a school dance while working within a fixed budget and make a profit?

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