Pre-Performance Critique

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After months of rehearsing, the show date finally approaches. I find myself in what I like to call my pre-performance state. This state usually last from the first tech rehearsal to the last show. To prepare myself for the show I begin by not eating over processed foods and sugary drinks. These items make my body feel very heavy and sluggish. In order to perform at my peak, I have to feel energized. I achieve this buy eating a lot of green foods. My diet mostly consists of salads and grains. I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. My pre-performance state also entails my two favorite beverages coffee and apple juice. Before each show I must have mocha frappe, crackers and a bottle of apple juice. While doing make up, I find it calming to listen to music and sip my apple juice. I snack on the crackers because I usually do not eat an actual meal before the show. I like the empty feeling it leaves me because I feel much lighter. I keep warm with my favorite pair of warm up harem pants and my lucky tan socks. I must have these before every show. It brings me comfort and encouragement. I like to surround myself with music before the show starts. This is how I get out of my mind and into my body. I listen to Banks, NAO, and other soulful yet melodic music. The feeling that this music brings…show more content…
The first dance I had to concur was Tommy Parlon’s work. For this dance, I needed to find myself in a place where I felt like everything around me was left without a thought. It took me back to a relationship where we both stopped trying. There was no motivation, care or effort involved we just let ourselves drift. This was my intent during the dance I tried to feel the movement as if I were letting it fall apart. It was very enjoying to let myself feel the emptiness develop while performing. It was like riding a wave I let the movement connect without
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