Essay on Pre and Postnatal Care for the Amish

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Amish view pregnancy and childbirth as normal biological functions of the female body, however; due to their cultural beliefs they will not seek out prenatal care until late in their pregnancy, if no problems arise. Women who are primiparous, giving birth for the first time, will generally seek prenatal care at around four months, while those who are multiparous, those who have given birth multiple times, generally seek prenatal care during the third trimester. Amish women typically do not outright reject the use of modern medical technology and practices if it can assist in the pregnancy, however; they must determine which practices coincide with their cultural and spiritual belief system. Many Amish women will seek the advice …show more content…

Nearly all furniture for the birthing center, such as: bed frames, bassinets, tables, cabinets, etc. is made from Amish craftsmen from within the community (Showalter, 2000).
Labor and childbirth are a private matter to Amish families with only the mother, father, and few midwives attending. The role of the husband is one of support and gentle aid when applicable. The husband rubs the back and shoulders of his wife, holds her hand, cools her with a hand fan, and provides words of comfort. Labor and childbirth for Amish women is very quiet and, on average, shorter when compared to the labor and childbirths of other women; this could be a testament to the strong-willed convictions of the Amish women’s cultural beliefs that aids them in this traumatic process (Showalter, 2000).
Post Partum care is generally short as the mother and infant are taken care of by the nurse midwife at the birthing center for 24 hours after the birth. In birthing centers, all postpartum care is administered in the patient’s room where the child was also given birth (Fisher 1996). After the child is born, the mother is always eager to begin breastfeeding. A few hours after the birth, when the mother is able, family members and close friends come bearing food and gifts for the mother and child. Gifts of natural herbal remedies and teas are also given to the mother to aid her health. The birth of children is very common in Amish communities with women bearing, on average,

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