Pregnant Snake Research Paper

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Pregnant Snake

If you look at this disgusting mess and want to eat it, then congrats. You are like blogger Kevin Cameron and his neighbour that skinned and ate a venomous snake. The unborn babies of this snake are clearly visible in the translucent layer that remains of this snake's skin. The American blogger that lives in Japan said that the snake tasted like a snake but it’s not clear what that is really supposed to mean. It might have been delicious for all we know. He also said that he ate the gallbladder of the snake raw because he had heard that it had health benefits. It looks like a snake embryo sausage.


This type of fermented herring has gained a lot of notoriety thanks to the legends about its vomit inducing
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The moose’s nose is boiled until you can easily pull the hair free from it, then it is placed in a kettle and it’s left overnight until the leftover meat parts can be sliced. The jelly nose is served chilled without many frills. Enjoy.

Potted Meat

Canned meat has a really bad reputation if it's tuna, spam or ham but potted meat is a completely different animal altogether. The ingredients read: “mechanically separated chicken, beef tripe, partially defatted cooked beef fatty tissue, beef hearts, partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue, salt, and water.” Why they choose to combine different types of meat and then puree and can them is a mystery. If the smell doesn’t get you then the consistency will. Please just don’t eat this in public. You will horrify everyone around you.

Canned Brown Bread

If the design of the can has a prominent BM on it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. This New England food laughs in the face of that logic, though. For some reason, canned brown bread became a popular staple in New England and the company that produces them recommends eating their baked beans with the
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It’s made from soybeans that have been fermented. Why do people keep fermenting food? This is why refrigerators have been invented. The dish has a very distinctive smell, taste and slimy texture. The smell has been compared to a cross between pungent cheese and old socks. Natto is different from other fermented soybeans in that it is made to host a specific bacteria that gives it its characteristic slimy texture and webbing. A survey was conducted in Japan in 2009 that found that about 70 percent of people enjoy the dish, 29 percent don’t but half the people who don’t like it eat it anyway because of its health
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