Prejudice And Discrimination Regarding Lgbt Essay

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Prejudice and Discrimination Regarding LGBT+ Associates in Athletics There are differences between what is considered to be prejudice and what discrimination is. Prejudice is identified as a typically negative attitude that is directed towards an individual 's social status, or group. Discrimination is reported as completing a negative act, or acts, towards a group, or individuals in a group, on the bias of the same reason or reasons. Given what is known, or inferred, about prejudice and discrimination, it can be related back to how LGBT associates are effected within athletic fields. Understanding the terminology, methods of research, development, and corrective/preventive procedures are well discussed in the field of Social Psychology.
Difference Between Prejudice and Discrimination As discussed, In the scientific field, it is understood that there are major differences between prejudice and discrimination, although seemingly similar due to their relation. However, prejudice pertains strictly to the attitude that one may develop, (Sartore-Baldwin 2013, Duckworth 2015, Mifflin Company 2002) and discrimination is defined based on actual negative actions aimed towards individuals. Prejudices may be established due to the dislike of someone 's sex, gender identity race, age, or even sexual preferences. Discrimination is based on those prejudices one develops, and that can cause one’s actions towards an individual to be negatively unjust. It is possible for an individual

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