Premature Infants And Music Therapy

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Abstract By exploring sources that address the topic of premature infants and music therapy, the author of this paper discusses about the effect of music on specific common issue that the NICU can cause to premature infants. The effect of music therapy on stabilizing premature infants’ breathing and heart rate is addressed. The author also points out that music can be a stimulus for premature infants to learning life-matter skill such as the sucking behavior.

The Effect of Music Therapy For Premature Infants in NICU
In March 2013, New York City, Andrea Zalkin discovered that she was pregnant for 26 weeks. One week later, at Beth Israel Medical Center, Andrea gave birth to a baby boy who only weighed two and a half pounds when he was born. Andrea named her son Hudson. To Andrea, Hudson is an angle. However, because Hudson came to the world too early and was not ready to experience everything on his own, he had to stay in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unite (NICU) and could not be discharged from it until he reached his original due date. While waiting for her son to grow and strengthen, Andrea decided to use music to help stabilizing her baby son in the disturbing environment of NICU.
Angela Ferraiuolo-Thompson is a music therapist in the Beth Israel Medical Center and she is now the therapist for Andrea and Hudson. In order to help Hudson grow in a better condition, Angela made a series of plans to help Hudson reduce his heart rate and breathing rate and

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