Preparation, Management And Response For The Findings Of Gcp Inspection

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Preparation, Management and response to the findings of GCP inspection. The EU clinical trial directive 2001/20/EC, came into existence on 01-May-2004 and literally it has changed the face of clinical trial investigational medicinal product in the UK. GCP was developed by the USA, Europe and Japan at international conference on Harmonisation in 1977. GCP has set of rules and regulations in which important one is the safety, the rights and the wellbeing of humans who are involved in clinical trials. Each person involved in clinical trial should be trained, educated, experienced, updated in GCP and understand the end implication of non-compliance of clinical research. The UK clinical research network was launched in February 2005 and has…show more content…
Pre inspection During the process of requesting GCP inspection, informal contact through phone, fax, e-mail was made by investigator to inspector team. Lead inspector, reporting inspector will set date and site of inspection according to local procedures. They receive a formal inspection request, this is the initial step of inspection. A contact point at the sponsor is identified. The inspection will be announced in writing to the sponsor, investigator and request the important, necessary documents to keep it ready for the inspection day. However, some inspections do takes place unannounced. Preparation for an inspection: Inspector will announce the visit through phone call or letter. Usually time between announcement of visit and actual visit will be less, 2 days to 10days time frame. Do not request for postpone of inspection because it might lead to negative impression. Do not PANIC. Investigator is always expected to get ready for the inspection at any time. Prepare all personnel at the investigation site as all personnel involved in the trial are inspected thoroughly and briefly. Once inspection announced, the clinical investigator must inform 1. If study is sponsored by the industry, contact sponsor immediately. Sponsor also can help in site inspection in the fallowing activities, a. Inform CRO, President, Vice president, Directors, all personnel involved in trial to be audited. b. Organise for inspection site. c.

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