Preparedness Of Students Through Education Systems

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Preparedness of Students through Education Systems In the United States, education is unavoidable; it is against the law to not be educated. Teachers robotically teach the essentials just for their students to pass the many standardized tests the government creates in order to have a standard to hold students to. The problem this creates is how the student will provide for himself when they are through with their standard thirteen year education. American students are left to their own devices when preparing for tests that colleges look at when accepting them. The standard American education system is not getting students very far and no where near what top colleges are looking for on these tests. The European education system prepares students better for college and real world workplace experiences than the American education system. Students in the French education system are provided with classes that are characterized by a more balanced and rigorous curriculum. Students in France begin in a grade level that is identified as the “Toute Petite Section” in France, which is equivalent to pre-pre-pre Kindergarten here in the United States (Strauss). While our children are bickering over sharing toys in daycare and pre-school, French students are learning how to learn at age 3 (Strauss). In these developing years, the French education system starts the children on learning the French language as soon as possible. The equivalent grade level to Kindergarten, the “Grande
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