Presentation Of The Interview Process

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Most of us have had an interview before, and it can be a stressful time. Even with the best laid-out resume’, it can still be hard to get a job. That is because some employers look beyond the credentials that are written on your resume’. It is not only about having a degree sometimes, but about the way in which you present yourself or the way you speak. If there is another person with the same skills as you, what sets you apart from them? What ensures you the job instead of them? That is what this article is about. It speaks about the different ways in which we influence our interviewer besides our credentials. This article will be helpful to me in the future, and hopefully to others as well. ABC’s of the interview process stands for …show more content…

This means that you have are going to do something, such as “I will be completing my master’s in psychology in May.” It also means something that you have already done, such as “I received my bachelor’s in psychology in 2012.” This is a great way for you to let your interviewers know about your future goals and the goals that you have already accomplished. It is hypothesized that behavioral verbal statements are extremely significant in the interviewing process because it shows your accomplishments, therefore showing your self-confidence. Cognitive verbal statements is the “C” in the ABC’s. This is pretty self-explanatory, meaning that you tell the interviewer your knowledge in the job skills needed for the job. This is when you let your interviewer know if you are certified in a specific field or if you are knowledgeable in a pertinent area. This is hypothesized to be another highly significant role in getting the job over another candidate. This lets the interviewer know your effectiveness.
This experiment consisted of 20 interviewers which came from an oil company. They were a racially diverse group consisting of Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic. There were 16 men and 4 women with an average age of 35. They chose 19 applicants which included 9 males and 10 females that were Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and Asian. The applicants were real college students that held a major in the field of work that was being interviewed.

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