The Joint Commission Understands Human Resource Management

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The Joint Commission understands that human resource management (HRM) is vital in any organization because it deals directly with employees, who are charged with the responsibility of achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. Traditionally, majority of organizations treated employees as liabilities. However, over the years, the view has changed to focus on employees as assets. Importantly, in an acute care hospital, committed employees are essential because they would be dealing with patients directly. Moreover, working with such patients requires employees who can create personal relationships with the patients. In essence, patient satisfaction increases when the patients can trust their caregivers (Mathauer & Imhoff, 2011). …show more content…

As noted earlier, the labor market is very competitive because every employer wants the best staff at his or her disposal. In addition, competition in the market requires every organization to be a way ahead of the competition to ensure sustainability. Consequently, hiring is a preserve for the HRM. Notably, hiring does not entail advertising for job vacancies and waiting for the right candidates to apply and invite them for an interview.
As a human resources manager, the primary task is to ensure that only the best candidates are called for interview. In essence, academic credentials are not enough to determine a candidate’s suitability. During the interview, it is important to ensure that the applicant has required skills to meet the firm’s objectives. For example, a given person might have the best academic qualifications as per the job’s description but lack other important aspects such as ability to work in the team and good communication skills. During the interview, such traits should be noted to disqualify applicants who cannot meet fundamental requirements of a team player.
On the same note, after interviewing an applicant, it is important to pass him or her to the respective line manager as the right person for the job. Essentially, the Joint Commission must have policies that would guide job interview. The HRM should work independently to ensure that other departments do not influence

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