President Bill Clinton 's Impeachment

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I was 17 at the time, I remember walking into the house and my parents were glued to the television. It was basically on every channel, the House of Representative voted to impeach President Bill Clinton. I remember the news asking people what they thought. The people they asked were divided. The older crowd was for his removal from office and the younger crowd was against it.
President Bill Clinton’s impeachment was not the first in American history. The first presidential impeachment was in 1868 when President Johnson had removed the then War Secretary. This was two years after the Tenure of Office Act, which barred the president from removing some major office holders in the government without the consent of the Senate.
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In 1867, the Republicans passed the Tenure of Office Act that occurred over the president’s veto. According to the Tenure of Office Act, the president did not possess enough power to remove an official that was put in office through senatorial approval. The act was mainly meant to protect those officials who were Republicans. Late 1867, President Johnson decided to put the constitutionality of the Tenure of Office Act to the test, this was done by replacing Stanton with Ulysses Grant. However, Johnson was forced to return the office back to Stanton after the Senate had put in place a measure to protest the president’s move. On February 21, 1968, Johnston decided to do away with Stanton forever. Johnston did this by replacing Stanton with Lorenzo Thomas. This Simple act leads to the impeachment of President Johnson and unlike Bill Clinton’s, it was a successful one (Foner 653). Fifty years from now, the Americans will be able to see that in a democracy, no one is indispensable including the president.
It was a sexual harassment case in 1994, by Paula Jones, a former Arkansas employee, in which the origins of Bill Clinton’s impeachment start. Ms. Jones made accusations that President Clinton had infringed some of her federal civil rights while she was an employee at Arkansas state while Clinton was the then governor of Arkansas. As per the allegations, President Clinton had

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