President Donald J. Trump : The Leader Of The Free World

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Since the election of President Donald J. Trump, a president whose political viewpoints are entrenched by nativism, protectionism, and an apparent fondness for Russia, some analysts have made the claim that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world. Being at the forefront of the Syrian refugee crisis by maintaining Germany’s open-door refugee policy, and her intense support for free trade, it is understandable to comprehend why analysts assume that the mantel as protector of “Western Values” is now held by Angela Merkel. However, following the aftermath of President Donald J. Trump’s poisonous trip to Europe, there is now a new contender for the title “leader of the free world”, President Emmanuel Macron of …show more content…

After showing strength towards President Trump, Macron further showed that his spine is made of titanium during his meeting with Russian czar Vladimir Putin. Per BBC, President Macron warned Putin that the use of chemical weapons would be faced by an “immediate response”. BBC also added that Macron accused pro-Kremlin news outlets Russia Today and Sputnik to be “organs of influence and propaganda”, and discussed the allegations of the persecution of gay men in Chechnya.
Furthermore, it is perhaps fitting that the meeting transpired in the Palace of Versailles. Analysts have been keen to remark on the role that the Palace has played in France and Russia’s historic cordial relationship, due to Peter the Great’s visit to Versailles during his tour of Europe. However, Versailles is also a callback to a time when France was once the regional hegemon of Europe, and the leading cultural and scientifically advanced state in the world. By meeting with Putin in Versailles, Macron is showering his bid for leader of the free world with historical legitimacy.
Moreover, Macron’s warning towards Putin regarding chemical weapons in Syria shows the distinct advantage that Macron has over Chancellor Merkel in holding the title “leader of the free hold.” Macron’s threat is credible, not only does France have its oven independent nuclear deterrent, France’s armed forces have the

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