President Obama 's Gun Control Plan

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Have you ever been watching a news channel, and realize how many awful violent crimes that are committed in our country each day involving the use of a gun or firearm? It has come to the time when our country really needs a change to keep our children safe and to prevent violent acts involving guns at a minimum. To accomplish this goal President Obama has constructed a plan to reduce gun violence and that plan includes requiring criminal background checks on all gun purchases, illegalizing military style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, making our schools safer and increasing access to mental health services. Although this will not stop the violence it will be a start to less violent country in the future. First to be discussed on President Obama’s gun control plan is to require anyone wanting to purchase a gun to comply with a National Background Check System created by Brady Act. Why? You may want to ask must we require a background check for all gun sales. The answer is while most people wanting to purchase a gun will be responsible with it while they enjoy hunting or shooting as a sport and while others want a gun for personal protection, however, there are people in this country that don’t need a gun or is prohibited from having a gun either because they have a mental illness that makes having a gun unsafe or they have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence either way want people in control of a gun to use it responsibly and not used it for

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