President Of South State University

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As President of South State University (SSU) I have been tasked to address the downward spiral of enrollment along with the decline in staff productivity and morale. These three issues have also caused a deviation from the South State University’s mission. In order to address these issues and improve the organization, I have decided to utilize the transformational leadership approach. Northouse (2016) describes transformational leadership as the process that changes and transforms people by considering the emotions, values, ethics, standards, and long-term goals. This leadership style will provide us with some options on how to deal with the existing issues. In addition, the transformational leadership style will help increase staff morale…show more content…
In addition, the University should utilize social media to its maximum potential. For example, a maintaining an updated Facebook page would allow the new Millennials to become familiar with SSU. The university can share important accomplishments, current events, and student achievements in order to develop a welcoming and personable connection with its audience. Lastly, the University could also utilize a small percentage of the budget toward scholarship opportunities. These recommendations should promote SSU, which will lead to an increase in student enrollment. Transformational Leadership Idealized Influence According to Northouse (2016), this concept consists of the leader portraying a strong role model with strong ethical values. Since I have just been hired by the University, utilizing this transformational quality will help me develop a trustful relationship with different members of the organization. The establishment of trust will help me articulate my new ideas and recommendations toward SSU. In addition, this quality will also develop an effective communication system between me and the organizations members. Furthermore, Northouse (2016) also mentions that the idealized influence shares a clear and concise organizational mission. Current members of the organization are beginning to deviate away from the University’s mission. Implementing this
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