President Reagen: Summary

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For anyone who is a fan of US history and politics will love this book. While some of the contents of the book may disappoint some in regards to the former president, it does finally bring to light for the first time when President Regan began to exhibit signs of memory loss which may be of interest to readers. A surprising and interesting look into the background and accomplishments of Ronald Reagan. It was enlightening to read about the issues that Reagan dealt with while managing to launch our country on a course of growth, international respect and patriotic pride.

An well written book! It was surprising to read how long President Reagen had signs of Alzheimer's symptoms and what a toll it took on his family & especially Nancy, his primary care taker. Although he might not have the best president in history but certainly turned the the America around after the Carter administration. …show more content…

The author, in their attempt to construct an objective narrative, have delineated the negative aspect of Reagan as a young Hollywood actor and of course, they give more than equal time to all the positive accomplishment. In March of 1952 Reagan marries the former Nancy Davis, who happens to be pregnant, and throughout the book, it is clear that she has a tremendous influence on her husband. But, she is not the only woman to influence Ronald Reagan, commencing before he was the Governor of California and throughout the Reagan presidency. Their was one Joan Quigley, an astrologer, who gave continued advise to Nancy Reagan who used Quigleys information to directly guide some of the presidents

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