President Roosevelt's New Deal

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt presented with his presidency a “New Deal” for the American people. The new deal consisted of several ideas to get the country out of the great depression. Ideas which got to the creation of numerous agencies to help Americans out of the great depression. This New deal was well accepted by most of the American people called “the new dealers”. However, there were Americans that did not agree with the presidents “New Deal”. Though the new deal was widely accepted, Americans had differed views on President Roosevelts New Deal.
On the one hand we have the Americans that were struggling to get through the great depression. President Roosevelt sent reporters throughout America to accurately report the way that Americans were living. According to reporter Martha …show more content…

Most of the letters have phrases in common. For example, the people state how they know they can not expect a letter from a “small” American man or woman to be read and assessed by a state official. However, the letters also have in common phrases or statements of belief and faith that help is coming to them. One letter in particular calls for President Roosevelt’s attention a cry out for help from a mother in Detroit, Michigan. This woman states her concern about the injustice felt by the working class Americans. She presents President Roosevelt with concerns about how upper class “intelligent” people are needed in society but they have much more than the people that work all day without rest. This concern mother goes on to tell president Roosevelt at the conclusion of the letter that “Even prisoners will balk at an injustice and we are not prisoners. . . .” (Johnson) This woman compares herself and her family to prisoners. Perhaps prisoners to the great

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