President Washington 's First Inaugural Address

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From the first president George Washington to the thirty-second president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, inaugural addresses have transformed from God-filled, hopeful speeches to pleas to the nation. Washington gives a humble address, and makes many references to God to the nation assuring them that if they have faith in God, they will have faith in him, he makes it obvious to the people he’s not pleading to them for help. FDR on the other hand establishes his ethos immediately by gaining the trust of the nation, and also pleads to the people to lure them in on the subject of unemployment. Both presidents use biblical allusions to appeal to the people in their addresses. President Washington’s first inaugural address is essential to the nation, because it is the first official words spoken by an Untied States president. Since Washington is the first president there is no formal requirement to give an inaugural address, but Washington felt the need to do so. Washington beings his speech with a genuine explanation of how deeply honored he is to be bestowed with such an honor. Washington continues by explaining to America the reservations that he has that he is to perform as a lower being to the “grateful remembrance of former instances” thus referring to God. He excuses himself as it would be “improper to omit” the “Almighty Being who rules over the universe” and who is ubiquitous among every person in American. Washington proceeds to explain that it is the role of God, not

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