Preventing Child Abuse In Jail

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It involves the whole community, the people in the life of a child to allow them to become an educated and healthy adults. One of the issue on child abuse was whether there should be increase penalties on child abuse or not? Child abuse affect millions of children in the world in many forms:physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, maltreatment and neglect, creating substantial risk of injury or impairment. The law varies from state to state, penalties such as incarceration is most often the sentence to child abusers, depending on severeness and whether if it is intended, the jail time could be anywhere from none to more than ten years of jail time. The seriousness of violence actions on abused victims are huge, it can create impact on a child’s …show more content…

According to The office of the Attorney General with the cooperation of Texas CASA, Inc, “ Abused and neglected children are 53% more likely to be arrested as juveniles and 38% more likely to be arrested as adults,” ( Child Abuse 33 ). This suggest that abused child are likely to act aggressively toward others and have poor control over themselves emotionally as well. Especially for childs at young age, it is very easy for them to adapt such behavior and influences on education can also lead to unemployment when the child gets into adulthood. Some may say that “ Most abused and neglected children growing up to be peaceful and productive citizens, ” (National academies press 231). In other word, this insist that yes, there is victims who become abusive , most child who experienced abuse did not act aggressively or behaving badly to accuse crimes. Although I agree with the quote when she states that many people who were under victimization of child abuse did not respond to the society in irrational ways, I still insist that children could have revive from the pains that any abusers could bring to them, but it doesn’t mean that criminals could escape more punishments other than incarceration, crime accusers should receive heavier sentencing than jail, depending on severity of the crime. I think it is important to consider the effect on child in future and

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