Preventing College Students Abuse From Alcohol Consumption

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Stopping College Students Abuse from Alcohol Consumption The problem college students have, especially freshmen, is about abusing alcohol consumption after feeling free and independent due to leaving their homes. Now that they have their own dorms to sleep in and do not have their parents breathing over their shoulder for everything they do, who is going to tell them not to have a few alcoholic drinks and instead finish their assignment due the next morning? Being that college students are turning into independent adults, it is their responsibility to make their own choices and face the consequence each decision brings with it. Other people, and things around them can only do so much when it comes to a decision they have to make. …show more content…

Many eighteen and nineteen-year-old students have been told by their parents, like myself, what to do and what not to do as well. “The drinking age is 21 for a reason, and that is when you will drink!” my mom reminded me as we were buying a small refrigerator for my dorm. Sure enough, I was already making comments in my head, “Well I am mature so a few drinks will not do any bad.” As college students are told the same things, how to avoid going to parties and stay focused in school, most will have the eagerness to do the opposite as what they are told and to also decide from own experience if drinking alcohol and partying will do them bad or not after. Unfortunately, when college students try to learn from life experience and test their limits with alcohol, many negative outcomes can be created from this. This is why a factual presentation done by second or third year undergraduate college students to incoming freshmen on the seriousness of alcohol consumption can be a solution. College freshman hear from students that have recently gone through what they are going through than what their parents went through when they were their age, having the fact that things can be much different from then until now. Also, with

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