Preventing The Influenza Virus Within School Aged Children

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Preventing the Influenza Virus in School-aged Children
Tracy Bell
Community College of Baltimore County

Children rely on the decisions that are made by responsible individuals in their lives including parents, caretakers, and other authorities such as teachers. Because children depend on others so heavily, health issues that affect children such as contracting the influenza virus or the flu should be discussed with the adults in their lives. Every year a new strain of the influenza virus affects the health of school-aged children causing a potential health risk to themselves and others around them. The spread of the influenza virus in …show more content…

One way to help stop the spread of the influenza virus is through receiving yearly vaccinations. Every year through predictions, a group of scientists help drug companies develop vaccines for the approaching influenza season (Surviving the flu season, 2016). Due to the importance of receiving the vaccine there should be a plan in place that makes this vaccine more accessible to all individuals especially the younger population. A start could be partnering with the local medical community to initiate school vaccination programs. Having a nationwide program advocate for kids that do not have a primary doctors, insurance, or means or transportation to get to a clinic to be vaccinated would be highly beneficial. School based health clinics can be successful because kids are already in one central location around ninety-two to ninety-eight percent are in attendance at school on average (Herbert, Gargano, Painter, Sales, Morfaw, Murray, DiClemente, & Hughes, 2013). In addition, having kids get vaccinated at the same time could prevent influenza cases, and decrease medical care cost for families. School-age kids also remain carriers of the virus for an extended period of time, therefore targeting school-aged kids is critical to helping minimize the spread of the influenza virus in the community (Herbert et al., 2013). Additionally, having all students vaccinated can minimize the severity

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