Prevention And Detection Of Infectious Diseases Essay

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Accrording to the CDC, public health is defined as the science of protecting and improving the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for diseases and injury prevention and detection and control of infectious diseases. The goal is to protect the health of the entire population. It is our duty as future health care providers to insight as well as educate individuals on various problems that we may face in the areas of public health. One way that we can educate the population is by creating educational programs that will help educate the public on issues that are present in the population and suggest ways to prevent the issue from reoccurring and how to make improvements as well. My group and I decided to create a public health program to promote hurricane preparedness for college students in Tallahassee, Florida. It is called Operation Hurricane Preparedness. The program was chosen as a result of the recent Hurricane Hermine that affected Tallahassee. Many students were not prepared for the hurricane and as a result, they were without basic necessities for several days. The mission of the program is to ensure that all college students in Tallahassee are prepared for future hurricanes. The program will educate students by hosting seminars as well as training sessions during the year. It will also provide the basic necessities that will be needed during the hurricane. The goal is to prepare, prevent, and promote hurricane

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