Prevention For Non Communicable Disease

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In this part of the report evaluating strategies will be discussed. Strategies are action plans that are put in place to either prevent diseases from occurring or if they do occur to prevent them from getting worse. (Classroom Notes, 2015) There are many strategies that are available in order to help prevent and manage these diseases.
The first strategy that is put into action for non-communicable disease such as Asthma is the smoking legislation. Since 1 July 2007 Smoking has been prohibited by law in all enclosed public places throughout the United Kingdom including pubs, bars and restaurants (Anon, 2015). The objectives of this strategy is to reduce the incidence of passive smoking and by ban smoking in public places this was achieved since it restricted the number of places an individual could smoke therefore resulting in that individual stop smoking. There are many strengths of this strategy. An advantage of this strategy is that it is a law not a campaign. As a result of it being a law it would be highly enforced by the government and police which enhances the power of the strategy. Therefore by it being enforced by the government and police if an individual is found to be ignoring legislation they would be breaking the law and as a result there are punishments, which include fixed penalties ranging from £30 to £2500. Due to these high penalties and fines it would result in less people smoking as they would not want to pay such high amounts of fines. (Do? law and

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